Production Capacity (Crystal Growth) Cryslaser is equipped with 38 sets of advanced fully automated growth equipment. We are one of the enterprises who have crystal growth technology of induction heating, resistance heating, and molten salt method. We can provide a long-term, stable and bulk supply of various laser crystals.

01 Production Capacity (Crystal Growth)

Crystal Processing Cryslaser is equipped with advanced production machines from cutting, shaping, grinding to polishing. We are dedicated to the research and development of high-precision and difficult processing technologies. Currently, Cryslaser has mature processing techniques for diffusion bonded crystals, slabs, and other special-shaped products.

02 Crystal Processing

Coating Services Cryslaser is professional in coating design and coating process development. We provide anti-reflective coatings, partial reflective coatings and high-reflective coatings in single, multiple and broadband wavelength. Customized coatings are also avaiblable such as polarizing coating and narrowband filters coating.

03 Coating Services

Quality Management Cryslaser has a stable and comprehensive ISO9001 quality management system, consistently focusing on customer satisfaction. Over the years, the stable and reliable quality of our products has earned the trust of laser users worldwide.

04 Quality Management

R&D Capabilities Cryslaser consistently prioritizes the development of new products and processes and continuously pursues technological innovation. We are recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. Currently, Cryslaser holds 40 invention patents and utility model patents which provide a solid technical foundation for the future sustainable development.

05 R&D Capabilities