RTP(RbTiOPO4)belongs to KTP family.The transparent range of RTP crystal is from 350nm to 4500nm


RTP(RbTiOPO4)belongs to KTP family.The transparent range of RTP crystal is from 350nm to 4500nm,with a high dielectric constant(ε=11)and resistivity(approximately 1011-1012Ω·cm),a high laser damage threshold(1.8 times higher than that of KTP crystal),and an extremely low piezoelectric ringing effect.Therefore,it is well suited for electro-optic modulation of lasers,including Q-switches,electro-optic shutters,phase modulators,pulse pickers,cavity dumpers,etc.

RTP is a biaxial crystal.To eliminate the influence of environmental temperature changes on the refractive index,RTP electro-optic devices typically use two crystals of equal length and performance parameters,with their optic axes perpendicular to each other.Such a dual-crystal device can operate stably in an environment ranging from-50℃to+70℃.Moreover,the serial connection of the dual crystals further reduces the modulation voltage of the device,making it more suitable for military laser rangefinders and medical lasers.


Product features:

It has a lower half-wave voltage and is easier to control

High laser damage threshold

Operates over wide temperature range from-50℃to+70℃

High repetition rates up to 1MHz





Extinction Ratio



>98.5% @1064nm

Angular Adjustment Tolerance

1.5 degree

Half Wave Voltage

15×15×25(10+10)mm³ : 6000V

10×10×25(10+10)mm³ : 4000V

8×8×25(10+10)mm³ : 3200V

6×6×25(10+10)mm³: 2400V

4×4×25(10+10)mm³: 1600V

3×3×25(10+10)mm³ : 1000V


R<0.2% @1064nm

Damage Threshold

> 600 MW/cm2@1064nm,10ns,10Hz



● Q Switches
● Pulse Pickers
● Phase Modulators
● Fast Shutter
● Amplitude Modulator
● Electro-optic (EO)
● Pockels Cell